Is Political Science a good choice as Optional for WBCS and UPSC?

Is Political Science a good choice as Optional for



Is Political Science a good choice as Optional for UPSC CSE (Civil Services Examinations) and WBCS (West Bengal Civil Services)?

This a very good question while you choose Political Science as your Optional subject. Because as we all know that, Optional subject will make your marks something different as compare to your competitors marks. So you have to very carefull while you choose your optional subject for your exam. It can change your exam’s marks 360 degree.


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If you still confuse about “which optional you should choose while you prepare for you dream job”, I have better plan for you to select your subject as an optional. I will give you some points below, just think about my all points and it will helps you to select your optional. After that comment below about your decision in this comment section.


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Is Political Science a good choice as your Optional subject for UPSC?

If you wants to choose Political Science as your optional, then you can.

First of all it is a very good subject and scoring also. It will help you to understand about Articles, Parts, Schedules, Constitutional and Non-Constitutional bodies and our Constitution of India.

Apart from this it also helps you to make good impression on your Interview board. Political science as an optional is General studies friendly subject also. It is a very dynamic and constantly evolving subject for your exam. Candidates seeking to choose political science, ought to be more aware of the paradigm shift in core area than in the changes in the revised syllabus. In fact, the revision of Political science has paved a way for scoring more marks in this particular optional.


What should be the strategy for political science as an optional?

If you already selected Political Science as your Optional subject, then you have to follow some basic rules while you prepare for this subject. First of all go to some basic books (academic books are preferable) and start reading them. Always keep in your mind that, do not read your books only one time. You have to read those books 2-3 times. So that it will help you a lot to understand better about your optional.

After reading your basic books, now you have a basic idea about “What is Political Science?”. So after that now you can follow some advanced level books which will help you to provide in more dept knowledge about you optional. start reading those books multiple times. You can point out important lines for further revision. Always make your own notes by following some good books. You can take full advantage in your internet connection.

After that follow some good MCQ based books and start solving them. Solve MCQs as much as you can. Apart from this, you should start reading good Newspapers, Magazines and start your practise. Why? because it will help your optional subject.


Now the question is “Study Materials”

Here I will suggest you to select good books (my first preference is M.Laxmikant). After that you should select good MCQs and start solving them.

Do not forget to analyse previous year’s questions. So that you can get better idea about your Optional subject.

Best books for WBCS Exam

1. Indian Constitution At Work Textbook (NCERT) : buy from Amazon

2. Political Theory Textbook for Class – 11 (NCERT) : buy from Amazon

3. Indian Polity by M. Laxmikant : buy from Amazon

4. Constitution of India by D.D. Basu : buy from Amazon

5. Magbook Indian Polity & Governance- by Arihant : buy from Amazon

6. Objective Indian Polity : buy from Amazon


Best books for UPSC CSE Exam


Books for Political Science Paper I

An introduction to constitution- DD Basu : buy from Amazon

An introduction to political theory- O.P Gauba : buy from Amazon

Fifty major political thinkers- Ian Adams and R W Dyson : buy from Amazon

A History Of Political Thought: Plato To Marx – Mukherjee and Sushila Ramaswamy : buy from Amazon

An Oxford companion to politics in India-Niraja Gopal Jayal and Pratap Bhanu Mehta : buy from Amazon

Foundations of Indian political thought- V. R Mehta : buy from Amazon

Indian Government and Politics – B L Fadia : buy from Amazon



Books for Political Science Paper II

India’s foreign policy – V P Dutt : buy from Amazon

International organisations- Spectrum Books Publication : buy from Amazon

Challenge and Strategy: Rethinking India’s Foreign Policy- Rajiv Sikri : buy from Amazon

Global politics- Andrew Heywood : buy from Amazon

Thank you for reading my post. If you have any question or suggestion, please feel free to comment in the comment section. Also do not forget to share this post to social media and other platform. So that it will help to all aspirants.

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