Top 5 Indian Geography Bosu Moulik Alternative Bengali Books 2020

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IIndian Geography Bosu Moulik Alternative Bengali Books



If you are preparing for the State or Central examination, then you should think about it.


Indian Geography is the most important for any type of Competitive exam such as WBCS, UPSC Civil Services, Rail, etc. This subject is much important just like Indian History, Indian Polity.


Many students are always asked me that, which Indian Geography is most suitable in the Bengali language. Yes! Bengali language.


Because they are not interested to read in Indian Geography in the English language.


So, today I will give you enough information about the Geography of India in Bangla version. You should read carefully and then start your preparation for your dream exam.



Top 5 Indian Geography Bosu Moulik Alternative Bengali Books 2020








My Suggestion About Indian Geography in Bengali:


If you want my suggestion about Indian Geography in Bengali and how to prepare this subject to crack your exam, then you should read 1 high-quality textbook as your main book, and 1 book as a reference book.


Do not read more than 2 books. You can choose only 2 books and read more and more. So that you can remember all the information very easily.


After reading your books very carefully, then try to solve MCQ questions as much as you can. If you want the best Indian Geography (Geography of India) MCQ books, then you can purchase those books in the Amazon. Click here to learn more.






Recommended Indian Geography Books in Bengali:


Now I am going to discuss with you which top and best Indian Geography books in Bengali is the best suitable for you. Here you will find the 5 most recommended (recommended by me) books.


The recommendation is based on my personal experience, Student reviews, and other ratings which is available on Google.

So, let’s start-






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#1. World & Indian Geography (BENGALI) Vol-1


World & Indian Geography BENGALI

Check Price on Amazon


World & Indian Geography (BENGALI) Vol-1 was published by Parul library private limited. This book is a fully Bengali version. Those who do not interested to read Indian Geography in the English version, should read this book and grab all the data very easily.


Apart from this, you can read the review of this product on the Amazon platform. Also, I will suggest you best on my personal experience, customer reviews, and student reviews. This Geography book highly recommended for all types of state and central competitive exams. So, you can purchase this book and prepare yourself for your dream job.


Check Price on Amazon




#2. World & Indian Geography (BENGALI) Vol-2


World & Indian Geography (BENGALI) Vol-2

Check Price on Amazon


After the published of the World & Indian Geography (BENGALI) Vol-1, this book comes with the Part-2 version in completely Bengali language. This book also published by Parul library private limited.


But remember one the thing, if you read part-1 of this book, then you can read its part-2 version. Because, if you read only part-2 Indian geography book, then you will miss some important data and fact which is available in the part-1 version and vice versa.


Check Price on Amazon




#3. Bharat O Pachimbanger Bhugol (K.C Mandal)


Bharat O Pachimbanger Bhugol (K.C Mandal)

Check Price on Amazon


Bharat O Pachimbanger Bhugol’s book was written by well known Kartik Chandra Mandal and this book was published by Oriental Book Company Pvt Ltd publisher. If you want my suggestion, then I will suggest you do not think more, just purchase this book and read more and more to grad your latest and upcoming government job exam.


The latest data and the latest chart will give you an extra boost which is available in this book. Not only that, but you can also read more checklists and the latest important facts which are most important for your competitive exam. So my suggestion is, do purchase this book quickly.


Check Price on Amazon




#4. Bharater O Paschim Bengaler Bhugol in Bengali (Kartick Chandra Mandal)


Bharater O Paschim Bengaler Bhugol in Bengali (Bengali)

Check Price on Amazon


This book is completely the same as Bharat o Pachimbanger Bhugol‘s book. So which is different? the difference is the two companies. If you are not able to purchase Bharat o Pachimbanger Bhugol book, then you can consider purchasing this Bharater O Paschim Bengaler Bhugol in Bengali book. That’s it.


Check Price on Amazon




#5. Bharat o Poschim Bonger Bhugol (Mondal’s Sure Success)


Bharat o Poschim Bonger Bhugol (Mondal's Sure Success)

Check Price on Amazon


If you want the top and the best Indian geography book in the Bengali version at a very cheap price in the Competitive market, you should check out this book.


This book not only comes with Indian geography but also you will get Geography of West Bengal (W.B) if you purchase this book. Also, you will get 3000+ MCQ Bengali version chapter-wise MCQ Questions and answers solution which is highly recommender and most important for WBCS preliminary, Mains, and Other Competitive exams with the updated and highly authentic contents.


After the completion of a chapter, one-liner information has been added for you. Apart from this, this book has been divided into 2 parts, namely Geography of India and Geography of West Bengal. You will get WBCS Mains Question 2018 in the Bengali version. All the items have been added in a lucid form along with the previous years’ Multiple-Choice-Question and answers. The bonus is for you- 10 Mock Test series sets have been added in this Bharat o Poschim Bonger Bhugol – Mondal’s Sure Success Series book.


Check Price on Amazon








Here is my complete list of Bosu moulik alternative Indian Geography books in the Bengali version. If you have a doubt, then feel free to contact me in the comment box. Also, you can ask your question with the help of a comment.


Also, please share this articles as many as you can. So, many students can get help if you share this article with your community.

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